About the Venue

Built in 1978 and renovated in 1993, Boettcher Concert Hall is the nation’s first symphony hall in the round created to place the audience close to the stage in a unique environment – 80% of the seats are within 65 feet of the stage. The design of the concert hall is based on the European model of a symphonic facility where permanent choral seating is adjacent to the orchestra platform to bring the audience in while maintaining traditional symphonic sound quality. 

Boettcher's walls are canted at a slight angle to disperse sound and prevent flutter echoes. On each curved surface of the hall is a wave-like band, approximately four feet high, technically called an undulating acoustical facia. These facias diffuse, reflect and channel sound throughout the venue. The seating arrangement in the hall, the line of sight and proximity to the stage dictate the level of direct sound an audience member will hear. The custom-designed steam-bent plywood seats complete the acoustical excellence of the hall, as they simulate a full house regardless of audience size.   

Boettcher is home to the Colorado Symphony and is also utilized for touring concerts, graduations, and private events. 

Venue Specifications

  • Seating Capacity: 2,679
  • 80% of the seats are within 65 feet of the stage
  • Colorado Symphony Box Office located on-site - Visit Ticketing Info
  • Boettcher Concert Hall is located in the back of the Galleria by Sculpture Park 

Seating Chart