Art Exhibitions

Denver Performing Arts Complex hosts rotating exhibitions in the Buell Theatre lobby, Prelude + Post and CU Experience Gallery.

The Buell Theatre lobby exhibitions are funded by Denver Arts & Venues. Artwork can be seen by ticketholders of events at the Buell and open to the public on select days. Prelude + Post exhibitions are funded by Denver Arts & Venues. Artwork can be seen during restaurant hours.

CU Experience Gallery is an immersive gallery created by the University of Colorado Denver and Denver Arts & Venues. Shows are curated by the students every few months and highlight new technology in art and design.


No Puedo Imaginar Mi Vida Sin Ti, CU Experience Gallery, May 8-June 30

No Puedo Imaginar Mi Vida Sin Ti draws attention to the crucial work of Chicano artists while helping to educate the public on platonic love, and the ways in which values of strength, tenderness, cultural preservation, and spiritual growth are nurtured through friendship. Visitors to this exhibition will become inspired to connect to their and other communities, challenging traditional notions of love, and therefore planting seeds to build resistance to an increasingly hyper individualistic society. 

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Click, Clack, Squeak, Buell Theatre Lobby, To Be Announced-Aug. 4

Shoes are a delightful expression of style, taste, personality and investment. From the mid-1980s and beyond, “kicks” or sneakers have been elevated through sports and hip-hop culture. With the rise in popularity and recognition of particular brands, sportswear also socially elevates the shoe-wearer. In other words, no matter what else you are wearing, if you have the right kicks on, you have status. But this exhibition goes beyond celebrating sports shoes from the past half century, highlighting shoes representative of cultures around the world and across centuries.

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