Buell Theatre Art + Music: "Still. Here." opening reception, performance by Solis

Monday, February 17, 2020
Buell Theatre

Join us for the opening reception of "Still. Here." by artists Sharon Feder and Dallas Parkins, plus a special performance by Solis.

Buell Theatre Art + Music Series returns Monday, Feb. 17, 5-7 p.m. with the opening reception of "Still. Here." and balcony performance by Solis.

This event is free. Please RSVP at Eventbrite.com.

Michael Warren Contemporary

The Art:
This exhibition features the works of married artists Sharon Feder and Dallas Parkins. As creative partners as well as life partners, they each have developed singular bodies of work. However, through their daily and planned travels, they have found that their works are often based on the same subjects. While Feder develops her painting compositions based on numerous small snapshots of a building or location that catches her interest, Parkins’ photographs are framed on location through the view-finder, thoughtfully and intentionally.

Hailing from Montana homesteaders, Dallas Parkins has spent his life observing and respecting the relationship between nature and the human-made world. Sharon Feder’s work shares this focus, expressing the duality and interplay between realism and abstraction. Both artists create works inspired by the still life of structures in the built environment. Much like a theatrical stage set, the compositions in “Still. Here.” offer observers a quiet stillness in which to have their own experiences and responses.

The Music:
Showcasing two original works by Denver composer Nathan Hall, Solis presents a program of bookends, featuring works from the Renaissance back to back with new compositions and arrangements from Colorado composers. There will be a little something for everyone, no matter your musical taste.


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