ADA General Information

Drinking Fountains and Water Dispensers

All lobbies have water fountains or water dispensers. 

Food, Beverages & Concessions

Beverages and snacks are sold in lobbies and restaurants throughout the Arts Complex. Food and drink are not allowed into theatres during performances unless otherwise noted with the exception of bottled water.


All buildings with multiple levels are equipped with elevators. The Ellie Caulkins Opera House has accessible lifts on each side of the house that provides wheelchair access to the orchestra level.


Accessible restrooms are located on all levels of the Ellie and Buell Theatres. The accessible restrooms for Boettcher Concert Hall are located in the lobby. Accessible restrooms for the Stage and Space theatres are located in the main lobby of the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex. Accessible restrooms of the remaining theatres are located in their respective theater lobbies.


RTD regular service vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts. For persons who are not able to utilize the regular service, RTD offers Access-A-Ride service. Details for all services are available at


Volunteer opportunities are available for anyone in the community. When calling the individual tenants to make a ticket purchase, ask for information on community outreach and volunteer opportunities or visit the websites of the organizations that perform at the Arts Complex.

Will Call Windows

Will Call windows are located in each of the theaters and are typically open one hour before performances.