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SUMMER 2017 -- Improvements at DPAC began on Monday, June 5, 2017 involving sidewalk expansions on 13th Street, creation of a new plaza at 13th and Champa streets, and removal of the bridge that crosses over Champa Street, connecting to the Colorado Convention Center (CCC).

The estimated completion of construction is Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017. Please note, 13th Street will permanently become a one-way street on June 5, eastbound toward Champa Street from Arapahoe Street. Even while working on both sides of the street, 13th Street will still remain open throughout all phases of improvements.

Activity impacting the area includes:

• Please be advised that at any given time during the improvements, the DPAC garage could see a reduction of up to 20% in available parking spaces for performances. We encourage patrons to plan ahead and add an additional 15-20 minutes of travel time to their trip to and from DPAC.

• The CCC parking garage elevators (tower at 13th and Champa) that connects to DPAC will close on June 5 until roughly mid-July. This means patrons and visitors that park in the CCC garage will have to re-route.

• Detour signage will be put in place directing patrons and visitors that park in the CCC to the north elevators (see attached map, red arrows). Patrons will then be directed to enter DPAC through the Galleria from 14th Street. Signage will also be in place for patrons as they exit performances in the Galleria directing them to return to the CCC elevator doors in which they initially came through.

• Access to the bridge will be closed at all levels, including from inside the Galleria (at the Boettcher Pavilion).

• Once 13th Street is converted to a one-way street, access to the DPAC garage via 13th Street will be from Arapahoe only, and egress (leaving DPAC garage) via 13th Street will be to Champa Street only. Proper pedestrian and vehicular/traffic way finding will be abundant throughout the DPAC campus – including the DPAC garage. Ingress/egress to the DPAC garage entrance on Arapahoe Street will remain the same.

• Patrons who typically park in the DPAC garage who travel down Champa Street and turn right onto 13th Street will now have to take Champa Street down to Speer Boulevard and turn right onto Arapahoe Street.

• Patrons are encouraged to avoid walking down 13th Street until the CCC elevator tower re-opens (estimated mid-July). We encourage patrons to walk back toward 14th Street or through Sculpture Park.

• It is requested that foot traffic heading toward/from 1245 Champa walk through Sculpture Park and the Galleria.

• Because improvements will temporarily impact the ADA ramp at the Commons on Champa, a short-term ADA ramp will be constructed on June 23 and will be in place through July.

FROM JUNE 23-26 ONLY (dates subject to change based upon weather and other factors):

• Bridge demolition: the official request for a full-street closure of Champa Street has been submitted in order to remove the pedestrian bridge. The intent is to close Champa Street at 14th Street, starting at 7 a.m. on Friday, June 23 reopening no later than Monday evening, June 26.  Full closure is required to safely remove the section of the bridge that is directly over Champa Street. Sidewalks on both sides of the street will be closed.

• The DPAC Garage exit on 13th Street will restrict exit toward Champa. For this time period only, patrons can enter/exit the 13th Street Garage to/from Arapahoe Street.

• Patrons will need to enter the CCC garage from Speer Boulevard, but will still be able to exit onto Champa Street at Speer Boulevard.

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